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  • Ancient Egyptian Cartouche

    What is Ancient Egyptian Cartouche? A cartouche was meant to protect against evil spirits both in this life and the life-after. Cartouche is a rectangle frame with curved corners, contains hieroglyphs symbols/letters that represent a royal person name or an ancient Egyptian God. There are few examples that are based on the cartouche of Tutankhamun, who was […]

  • Facts About Hieroglyphics, Scribes, royals,and nobles

    Hieroglyphs were the writing system used by ancient Egyptians using thousands of distinct signs. Egyptians are believed that hieroglyphs start as a form of writing in approximately 3200 BC. There were over 6,000 signs in their writing system by 300 BC. The only members of Egyptian society who are capable of reading hieroglyphs were Scribes, […]

  • Ancient Egyptian Alphabets – Egyptian Hieroglyphics

    Ancient Egyptian Alphabets or “The Words of God”   as were called by the Egyptians. In AD 391 all pagan temples throughout the empire were closed By zantine Emperor Theodosius I, This terminated a four thousand year old tradition and the message of the ancient Egyptian language for 1500 years, Until the discovery of Rosetta stone and […]